About Normarine

Normarine AS is located in the centre of Norway's key fish port, Ålesund. The line of business is sales of frozen at sea white fish. The company holds a strong position, with an experienced and service minded staff. On March. 10 2023 Woocheen, the ocean-health business platform owned by Alaska Native Corporation Sealaska acquired a majority stake in Normarine. Normarine directors Bjorn Fladmark and Erik Sindre Pedersen will continue to run the company. The purchase builds on Woocheen’s work to foster ocean health by growing demand for delicious, sustainably sourced seafood. Seafood requires minimal fresh water and emits significantly lower levels of carbon than land- based agriculture. Normarine has partnered for many years with UK-based New England Seafood (NESI), which was purchased by Sealaska in late 2020 to further strengthen its consumer-centric, premium seafood marketing expertise. "Joining forces with Normarine is a logical next step in our build,” said NESI CEO Dan Aherne. “This investment shortens the path between sea and plate and brings our customers and consumers even closer to the Norwegian fishing community with whom Normarine has built more than 30 years of deep and enduring relationships. It expands our ability to put high-quality Atlantic cod and Haddock, alongside our Alaska Line caught Pacific Cod offer at the heart of our mission to inspire greater fish consumption on both sides of the Atlantic.” "The partnership perfectly aligns Normarine with NESI’s consumer and category leadership, strong social responsibility credentials, state-of-the art processing operations and strong retailer and customer relationships", Fladmark said. “It will be very positive to be part of a company that’s bringing deep expertise and customer relationships to developing the market for Atlantic cod and haddock,” he said. “This will be positive for Norwegian fishermen.” "Norway is a world leader when it comes to marine research and science-based resource management. The high quality and sustainability of Norwegian seafood is central to Woocheen’s premise that relying on sustainably harvested, ocean-based foods is a powerful way to care for oceans and the planet. The fact that, as part of Sealaska, Woocheen’s profits directly support Alaska Native shareholders and communities also matters to Normarine", Pedersen said. “It’s an ideal organization,” he said. “Its focus is on people, nature, water and sensible utilization of natural resources. We are thrilled to be part of it.” Woocheen.com Sealaska.com

Company details Normarine AS
Brogata 14
N-6006 Ålesund

VAT NO: 852 342 072 (org no)
EORI: SE4444187472

EST: 1989
Main markets South east Asia
United states of America
MSC - Certified Normarine is MSC-certified on the sales of saithe, cod and haddock.
Traceability is implemented on all sales from our company.

Certificate no: MSC - C - 50813
See listing Marine Stewardship Council


Normarine's success is based on a close cooperation with the fishing fleet and the market.

We focus on strong customer relations, regular supply and quality. Quality must be proven. On regular basis we verify this by independent inspector's QC. Our systems secure full traceability and effective logistics. Founded on solid traditions and skills, using the tools of today, we aim at continuous growth.


Normarine was founded in 1989 by Petter Ludvig Fladmark and partners; Alfon and Kjell Kramer, and Ole Bratholm. Petter had since 1961 served as managing director in Brødr. Aarsæther AS - for decades Norway's leading seafood company. The activity in Normarine was sales of frozen white fish products from factories throughout the Norwegian coast. The main markets were USA, UK, Germany and France.

In year 2000 Normarine bought the cold store company Sunnmøre Fiskeindustri AS (SFI) – a previous production plant with history back to the early 1900 - located in the city of Ålesund, same place as the office building of Normarine AS. Today SFI is a landing site, terminal and cold store - also supplying bait to the longliner fleet of vessels. www.sfias.no

Normarine is today a leading company within its field.